POLYHYMNIA:The Muse of Secret Song (excerpt)

The foundation of this short film lies in the mythological story of the Greek king warrior Odysseus while being away from his home in Ithaca after the sacking of city of Troy, and his wife Penelope receiving the attentions of other men, men who hope to replace Odysseus as king. To his son Telemachus’s irritation and with the help of his mother Athena, he travels by sea to find his father to never return home. A story touching on issues of womanhood, loyalty, imperialism, migration, displacement and family.

Fig. 1 Polyhymnia

Fig. 2 Polyhymnia

Fig. 3 Polyhymnia

Fig. 4 Polyhymnia

Fig. 5 Polyhymnia

Fig. 6 Polyhymnia

Studio The Renaissance People, Running Time 26 mins, Director Larry Mayorga, Producer Lina Gopaul, Editor Larry Mayorga, Director of Photography Dewald Aukema, Sound Designer Larry Mayorga.